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Strange Sightings During 2024 Eclipse!!! New UFO Footage

The most mysterious and unexplainable events captured during the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse! From baffling UFO sightings that challenge our understanding of the skies, to bizarre animal behavior that left onlookers in awe, this video dives into the strange and the supernatural. Witness the ...

UFO over Rotherham, UK.

Source Link: scott wade Permissions Granted To Only Real UFOs This UFO sighting was filmed in Rotherham, UK by Scott Wade. "Real footage from bedroom patio doors over field on sunny day with no clouds Mon 24th August 2020 Rotherham." You can share ...

Ancient Aliens: Top 3 DEVASTATING Alien Disasters

Ancient Aliens is counting down the top ten most devastating disasters ever documented that might have an otherworldly connection. See more in this scene from Season 20, Episode 6, "The Top Ten Alien Disasters." Watch your favorite episodes of Ancient Aliens on The HISTORY Channel website at ...