Cosinus & InsaneCreatures – Alien Civilization

Sangoma Records proudly present “Rites of Passage”, the highly anticipated second album by Cosinus. This follow-up from his debut “Science Fiction Addiction” leads to even deeper woodland realms navigated by his sonic modular spaceship. For this release, he found some co-pilots like Southwild, Daksinamurti, Yebah, and Insane Creatures, who join him in his wild space adventures. Gracing this audio journey is the astounding artwork by master painter Emil Holub. Dive deep into the unknown with lightspeed and master the rites of passage.
Sangoma Records – Medicinal music!
releases February 28, 2023

:: Mastering: Wild Mastering
:: Art: Emil Holub
:: Animation: Maurizio Girioli @ Girimmo

Cosinus – Rites of Passage, Released 2023-02-28, Sangoma Records

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Sangoma Records, founded in 2011 out of enthusiasm for psychedelic culture and music by the virtuoso Emiel / Gata Freak and cultural anthropologist Daksinamurti – both DJs for over a decade.

The aim of Sangoma Records is to release psychedelic trance without any stubborn stylistic definitions and boundaries. Their darkpsy, shamanic forest trance is made by unique new talents and established artists who don’t follow trends and instead deliver something new and outside of boxes. The aim of “Sangoma” is not only to release authentic psytrance but also to observe, support and create culture. Organic medicine for your ears.

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This channel is powered by Trancentral
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