How Can Humanity Advance As A Civilization? The Kardashev Scale

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That’s a long time, during which time an alien civilization might have developed sophisticated propulsion systems-perhaps faster-than-light, worm-hole technology, or some other kind of cosmic shortcut that would allow them to colonize the galaxy and beyond.

In an article of 1963, entitled “Transmission of Information by Extraterrestrial Civilizations” the Russian astronomer Nikolai S. Kardashev proposed a system to classify any extraterrestrial civilization, based on the energy available to them to be able to make radio transmissions beyond the boundaries of their planet of origin. This system took the name of Kardashev’s scale.

There is still another question hanging in the air: what would a society much more advanced than ours have to do to be able to fully exploit the energy of their star?
And here comes into play the concept of Dyson’s Sphere, proposed by the English physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson in an article of 1960.
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6:47 kardashev type 4 and 5
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