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    UFOs were filmed during Baltimore Orioles game Baltimore, Maryland.

    Source Link: kevzed927 Permissions Granted To Only Real UFOs Witness description: “I captured these UFO’s while attending the Baltimore Orioles game on May 14th at 756 PM EST. I saw them earlier and they did not move for several minutes, so I decided to record them. I am looking South East from the upper deck […] More

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    50 Insane Facts About Bermuda Triangle

    Few things are more mysterious than the deadly Bermuda Triangle. With over a dozen documented cases of vanishing ships or missing planes, we still know very little about the mysterious triangle at the center of it all. Check out today’s new epic video to learn 50 insane facts about the evil Bermuda Triangle. đź”” SUBSCRIBE […] More

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    Top 10 Creepiest Unexplained Security Footage

    You won’t believe your eyes. For this list, we’re looking at pieces of CCTV footage showing strange creatures or behaviors that defy explanation. Our countdown includes Dobby, Springfield Clowns, Elisa Lam, and more! What do YOU think is the creepiest unexplained security video? Let us know in the comments! Watch more great creepy videos here: […] More

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    Port Miami Webcam — Live Streaming from PTZtv

    Welcome to the “World Famous” Port Miami Webcam! Visit our website at (Since 2012) for Live Audio, VHF Marine Radio Transmissions, MarineTraffic Map, Twitter Feed & links to our many Cruise Port Cameras. It’s the next best thing to being there with our close-up zooms. Enjoy listening to the LIVE sound of horn blasts […] More

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    UFO over Morristown, Tennessee.

    Source Link: John Rodriguez He has more UFO videos on his channel. Permissions Granted To Only Real UFOs Detailed description: “As I walked out the front door tonight to go to the gas station for my wife I immediately noticed an extremely bright light directly above my house in the sky. I thought at […] More

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    Strange UFO over Lexington, Kentucky.

    Witness description: “Looked like it hovered and glided in one direction, spinning fast, with a top part that spun separately. If you scrub slowly back and forth you can see it spinning. Wobbling, no sound, no propellers like a drone, didn’t look like a drone.” Source: mufon Filmed in Lexington, Kentucky. 6/17/2019 12:01 pm. Many […] More

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    30 Weird Things Caught On Security Cameras & CCTV !

    Have you ever seen something incredible happen right before your very eyes, but you were unable to get it on video? Don’t despair, because it may well have been caught on security cameras! Today we’re going to show you the craziest moments Caught On Security Cameras & CCTV EVER! source More

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    HGTV's Biggest Scandals Ever

    Chip and Joanna. Drew and Jonathan. David and Hilary. If you’re a big fan of Discovery’s home improvement and real estate network HGTV, you know these names very well, and you’ve likely spent dozens of hours watching these telegenic hosts help homeowners craft their dream homes. But despite appearances to the contrary, some HGTV hosts […] More

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    Two UFOs over Englewood, Colorado.

    Witness description: “Saw two black orbs. Flying at different heights, but the same speed.” Source: mufon Filmed in Englewood, Colorado. 6/23/2021 8:42 pm. Many thanks to the author of the original video. The Best UFO sightings filmed by me: More UFO Footage: Recommended video: Incredible UFO filmed over Cuba. Other playlists: UFO, […] More

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