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    Top 10 Alien Sightings Leaked By Government Officials

    Top 10 Alien Sightings Leaked By Government Officials Subscribe To Most Amazing Top 10: Most Recent Videos: The recent report released by the Pentagon highlights how the government acknowledges that there were around 144 encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena since 2004. One of the sightings they debunked and it was just a weather […] More

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    US Soldier Alien Abduction Launches Military Investigation

    Alien abductions have yet to be confirmed but that could be because the government is covering them up! Today we’ve uncovered an abduction story coming directing from a US soldier that witnessed a soldier being dragged away by tentacles in the sky. The military was quick to discredit the soldiers crazy alien story, that is […] More

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    Two stationary/hovering spinning UFOs over Stourport, UK.

    Witness description: “I spotted 2 objects in the air that appeared to be spinning on an axis they didn’t shift in the air they stayed in one space then vanished …. there were no other flying object in the area I have also checked locally and nobody was aware if any flying objects due to […] More

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    4 UFO Sightings From Ancient Times | Unveiled

    Go to to get a 2-year plan plus 4 additional months with a huge discount! The strangest UFOs in ancient history! Join us… and find out more! Subscribe for more from Unveiled ► In this video, Unveiled takes a closer look at 4 of the strangest, most bizarre and most unexplained instances of […] More

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    Congress considers legislation to probe UFO sightings

    Congress is considering a bipartisan proposal to create a more expansive military and intelligence program to study UFOs. Subscribe to FOX 11 Los Angeles: Watch FOX 11 Los Angeles Live: FOX 11 delivers breaking news, live events, undercover investigations, police chases, true crime files, business news, celebrities and entertainment on Good Day LA […] More

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    Fleet of UFOs over Manteca, California. 11/16/2021

    Witness description: “On a night walk through a residential parkway when I observed 3 round slowly moving lighted objects in the northeast moving in a northwesterly direction. I then saw 2 more following the 3 in the same direction. The front 3 quickly disappeared, while focusing then the 2 that followed they too disappeared.” Source: […] More

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    Brigada: UFO sightings, namataan diumano sa iba't ibang panig ng bansa?!

    Aired (March 6, 2021): Nitong mga nakalipas na buwan, inilabas ng Department of Defense sa Amerika ang ilang infrared camera footages ng isang unidentified flying object o UFO. Pero maging sa Pilipinas, may ilang UFO sightings din diumano na namataan. ‘Brigada’ is an award-winning investigative documentary program hosted by multi-awarded broadcast journalist Kara David. Watch […] More

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    UFO Sighting in DayZ

    Clips of wins, fails, funny moments, and other things from SourSweet. My main channel: My stream: My discord: All content posted to this channel is owned by SourSweet. #shorts Source More

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    Fleet of UFOs was spotted while taking photos with a telescope. 11/14/2021

    Witness description: “On 11/14/21, I was taking images of the Orion Nebula including NGC-1977 (the Running Man Nebula), using a Mallincam 26ctec camera attached to my C-14 Edge HD telescope (14 inch diameter lens) at f/1.8 focal ratio. At 1.8 focal ratio, astrophotography imaging and light collection in general, is significantly increased with a much […] More

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    Big Bright UFO was filmed during a thunderstorm.

    Source Link: Will Versa Permissions Granted To Only Real UFOs You can share the link to this video on social media. The Best UFO sightings filmed by me: More UFO Footage: Recommended video: Incredible UFO filmed over Cuba. Other playlists: UFO, OVNIs, UFO 2021, OVNI, UFOs, НЛО, Flying saucer, OVNI 2021 Source More

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