The Controversial Role of Oxygen in Animal Evolution & Diversification | GEO GIRL

Note: The “How Continental Configuration Affects O2” video that I mention at the end is currently members-only, but will be coming out soon for everyone, don’t worry 😉

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Brief history of Earth by A. Knoll:
Life on young planet by A. Knoll:
Some assembly required by N. Shubin:
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0:00 Video Outline
1:01 Oxygen Control Hypothesis
2:38 Original Evidence for OCH
3:25 Correlation is Not Causation
5:00 O2 Threshold Required for Animals?
7:11 Role of Temperature?
8:19 Role of Primary Production?
9:54 Role of Ca & P Availability?
10:49 Role of Animals?
12:55 O2 Still Main Factor?
14:39 O2 Threshold for Diversity but Not Evolution
18:00 Flipped Evidence for OCH
18:36 Possible Scenarios
19:52 Significance of This Research
20:51 References & Related Videos

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