Cylindrical UFO over Thohoyandou, Limpopo, South Africa. 1/19/2023

Witness description:
“I was with my friends next to my place like we usually do, catching up and all that. At around 8:02, one of my friends saw something moving at the sky, and he notified us. At first, we thought it was a satellite or a plane. Then, as usual I opened my phone to check which satellite it was using the Skyview app, and it showed nothing. When we checked the flight traffic it also showed nothing in that area. It all happened so fast. At first the object looked like a very bright star(it was at night, so we couldn’t see more features also because of slight light pollution). As the object became more closer towards our direction it started to become longer and longer in size. You could see that it’s far but it’s so big in size. When it got closer we could see that the object had some bright straight lights and some sort of ring or halo on its sides. What also came to my attention is the fact that we could hear no sound coming from it, and it didn’t point to the direction it was going. It pointed a little bit to the right, but it went straight. When it was over us, we could see that it’s nothing that we could identify. It’s not something our technology can produce or make. As it went, it immediately became dim, then it disappeared. There was no cloud there and normally, something doesn’t disappear at that distance, so it might have sped off at unimaginable speeds. The object became more clear at around 8:04, and it disappeared at 8:06.”

Source: mufon
Filmed in Thohoyandou, Limpopo, South Africa. 1/19/2023
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