UFO inspects the sky over the UK.

Witness description:
“Firstly I’d never seen so much aircraft activity above my town. Planes littered the sky everywhere i looked there would be 2-3 planes crisscrossing the sky North South East West. I took a lot of footage on my phone of the sky that day. What grabbed my attention most was what looked to be at first a bright red kiddies party helium balloon coming over from a South Westerly direction and headed East so i filmed it. This objects ‘engine’ sounded like a single prop aircraft. As it flew overhead it looked squarish rectangular in shape with no visible signs of propulsion. It was definitely red in colour but on the footage the suns glint makes it look like a silvery white ball. I filmed it till it disappeared behind the building i was stood next to. At the very start of that footage there’s 2-3 aircraft still visibly flying West, their tails show them having come from the East; whatever it was that flew over my head would’ve shown on their radars. I still find it difficult to pinpoint exactly where and when the object comes into view on the video, it comes in from the left and flies in between the 2 largest vertebrae looking chem-tails. This sighting is the first of six sightings i’ve had in the last year, the latest being Jan 3rd this year. (different craft). ”

Source: mufon
Filmed in UK. 11/5/2021
Many thanks to the author of the original video.

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