UFO was spotted during thunderstorm in Sheffield, UK.

UFO was spotted during thunderstorm in Sheffield, UK.

Source Link: Jamie Michael Alcock
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Witness description:
“Real Actual Footage.
After a closer look I now believe I’ve caught a UFO.
Watch Top Center.
Above the tallest tree coming from right to left.
Very faint due to the thick cloud cover.
A Triangular shape spots of light start to appear through the clouds moving slowly, when these spots of light reach its peak you see 4 spots of light.
When you see the brightest spot light which looks like the moon, follow that light backwards to its point of origin then watch the video again.
The formation rotates counterclockwise.
Possibly a saucer UFO with the first brighter point of light being in the center of the unknown object. (Possibly)
I notice a faint circular white haze at the bottom underneath the lights.
The 3 spot lights which I believe turn in unison appear to become 4 as the object rotates counterclockwise through the cloud covering.
This is a big unknown object.
The footage was recorded during the Thunder & Lighting storm in Sheffield, United Kingdom on 12th August 2020.
This video was taken from a 10 minute larger recording of the storm I recorded at 3.54am. The sighting would have been 4.01am.”

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