NBC Network – Project UFO – "Sighting 4003: The Fremont Incident" (Complete Broadcast, 3/12/1978) 🛸📺

Here’s the complete first-run airing (with commercials) of the series Project U.F.O. [Project UFO] episode “Sighting 4003: The Fremont Incident” (S01E03; in which a black police officer in a predominantly white town nearly loses his job over his reporting of a strange craft he had seen) as aired over the NBC Network via KRBC Channel 9 in Abilene, TX (and also, KACB Channel 3 in San Angelo). Narrator is the executive producer, Jack Webb (and that’s the facts).

A little bonus will follow.

(The complete broadcast of the series premiere can also be seen here:


Recording coming in a few seconds after program start, followed by episode setup

Commercials for:
Jell-O Americana Tapioca Pudding, Rice Pudding and Golden Egg Custard
New Improved Gaines-Burgers dog food

Episode Act I

Commercials for:
Golden Griddle pancake syrup
Nacho cheese-flavored Doritos brand tortilla chips
Dristan decongestant tablets

Episode Act II

Commercials for:
Lysol deodorizing cleaner (with Snoopy Sniffer)
Oldsmobile Delta 88

Program bumper

Promo for Little House on the Prairie, followed by “Death of Her Innocence” (voiceover by Les Marshak)

Commercials for:
Dan Hixson Chevrolet – discount on 1978 Caprice
Southwestern Bell Long Distance

Station ID slide (with Lueders City Limit scene at night)

Episode Act III

Commercials for:
Sure anti-perspirant – “Confidence”
Extra Fresh Prell shampoo (voiceover by Joel Crager)
7up – “UNdo It With a Giant Hamburger” (posted separately here:
Promo for “When Every Day Was the 4th of July” (voiceover by Mel Brandt)
Promo for Today – with Tom Brokaw

Episode Act IV

Commercials for:
Ivory soap (with Lori and Whitney Watts of Dover, NH)
Cling Free fabric softener

Preview of next episode, “Sighting 4004: The Howard Crossing Incident” (voiceover by Jack Webb)

Promo for repeat of 1976 Mia Farrow/Danny Kaye version of “Peter Pan” (voiceover by ??)

Ending credits (with voiceover promo for The Chuck Barris Rah Rah Show, Big Jake and “When Every Day Was the 4th of July” by Howard Reig)

NBC News Update with Jessica Savitch (but no voiceover – WHAT?!), followed by items:

– Israeli Prime Minister Begin vows to avenge Palestinian terrorist raid that killed over 30 civilians

– Israel moving troops to Lebanese border, Palestinian forces on alert

– Socialist-Communist alliance claims victory in Round 1 of French elections, but Right-Center alliance won’t concede

Commercial: American Express travelers cheques (with Karl Malden)

Promo for premiere of Richie Brockelman, Private Eye, followed by Dean Martin celebrity roast of Jack Klugman (voiceover by Bill Wendell)

Commercials for:
Subaru Star Cars
Dairy Queen

Station ID slide (with promo for Award Winning News with Jim McCurdy)

Bonus material: First two minutes of The Big Event presentation of TV movie, “When Every Day Was the 4th of July,” with preview (voiceover by Mel Brandt) and start of film

This aired on local Abilene TV on Sunday, March 12th 1978 during the 7:00pm to 8:02pm timeframe.

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The MCCTv (FuzzyMemoriesTV) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose primary mission is the preservation and display of off-air, early home videotape recordings (70s to early 80s, mostly) recorded off of TV (in Chicago or other cities now too); things which would likely be lost if not sought out and preserved digitally. If you have any old 1970s videotapes recorded off of TV please email: Even though (mostly) short clips are displayed here, we preserve the entire broadcasts in our archives – the complete programs with breaks (or however much is present on the tape), for historical preservation. For information on how to help in our mission, to donate or lend tapes to be converted to digital, please e-mail Thank you for your help!


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